Athletics, Health, & Fitness

Physical and health education, athletics, and an active lifestyle are central to the development of our students. We believe that the patterns set in the early years will lead JSA students to make healthy choices in the future.

At our ECE, an important component of gross motor develop is achieved through Physical Education classes with a specialist.  Our program is unique in that our PE coach is employed full time to enable us to provide PE classes to children of all ages from 18 months to – 5 years twice a week in the early childhood center.

Children are provided with a variety of materials and activities to promote the development of gross motor skills and to advance that development to the next level. A variety of teaching skills are introduced to develop hand/eye coordination.  Children are taught physical fitness techniques and are motivated to enjoy doing exercises.  They are introduced and taught the preliminary rules of sports according to the developmental age levels of the children. Team sportsmanship is also an important component of our program. Children engage in games and races and learn safety rules for participation in all PE activities.

Lower School students are taught P.E., primarily on the JSA campus, to enhance physical growth and development through regular exercise as well as encouraging proper nutritional and hygienic practices as well as to enhance the child’s self-image through opportunities for success and mastery of essential skills, as well as increasing personal strength, endurance and flexibility.

Beginning in fifth grade, through our partnership with the MAR-JCC, students cross the bridge between our campuses to take advantage of the J’s extensive fitness and athletic facilities, and to benefit from the JCC’s expert coaches. Health and fitness classes in Lower School and Middle School, both during and after school, are tailored to meet student needs. Rotations/teams include soccer, tennis, lacrosse, water polo, basketball, fitness center, Zumba, flag football, Krav Maga, cooperative games, swimming, dance, and yoga. Team sports are available beginning in third grade.